MOMS Club of

Chino Hills South

8 Reasons why you might need MOMS Club

-8-  You told your whole life story to the customer service operator from the cable company in 30 minutes or less.

-7- You took out a second mortgage to pay for all the My Gym classes.

-6- You were tempted to lay on the ground and throw a fit with your child at     Target.

-5- The most exciting book you’ve read in years is Dragons Love Tacos.

-4- You’ve watched Moana for the 100th time and know all the lines.

-3- It’s a good lunch when you actually get some peanut butter when you eat the crusts of your kid’s sandwich.

-2- Your 18 month old has mastered all the safety locks.

-1- The number of loads of laundry you do a week exceeds the number of friends you have.


How do I join?

We have been serving the Chino Hills and Chino community for over a decade and we are always open to new members. You are invited to attend two park days before you decide to become a member. Activities and playgroups are for members only.

Dues are only $30 per year ($35 for your first year), which helps to pay for administrative costs of running the club. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please discuss waiving the fee with our Membership Vice President or other board member.  This matter will be handled with confidentiality.

Most moms join the club because they are looking for friends they and their children can relate to and the quickest way to make friends is to participate as soon as you join!  We are a volunteer driven organization. We rely on our member's special talents and ideas to keep our chapter, and its activities, fun and interesting.  We are the first, largest and fastest growing support group specifically designed for the at-home mother, and we'd like to have you as a member too!


Chino Hills currently has two MOMS Club chapters (South and Central).  If you would like to visit a park day or receive membership information, please provide us with your home address as this will help us determine if you fall within our boundaries. 

If you do not live within our chapters boundaries, we will refer you to the chapter nearest you. Please contact us via email at and we will respond as quickly as possible.


As of 2018, mothers whom live in Chino will now fall under our chapter.


Come visit our next meetup!

Our chapter is always open to new  members. You probably won’t be the only new person there. Although some of us have lived here for years and are experienced mothers, many of us are new in town or new to motherhood too. We all have one thing in common… the MOMS Club has introduced us to moms who stay home and who have become our friends.


2018 - 2019 Executive Board Members

President ~~~ Lexie McGaha
Administrative Vice President(s)~~~ Stephanie Oie & Jaclyn Wong
Membership Vice President~~~ Juliana Aris
Treasurer ~~~ Julianna Gobin
Secretary ~~~  Stephanie Rangel

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