MOMS Club of

Chino Hills South



We have park days once a week and organize arts and crafts activities for the kiddos, a monthly MOMS Night/Morning Out, and many other activities.

We perform service projects through the year to help mothers and children in need in our community.


We believe being a mother shouldn’t  isolate you, so you may bring your children with you to anything we do, with the exception of MOMS Night Out and MOMS Morning Out.

Our activities are scheduled during the day because that is when at-home mothers need each other the most!



Below is a list of activities that are open to all members:

Park Days - Our kids and moms love park days! We meet every Thursday at local parks. (June - August 2018 our parks days will be on Friday's. If a holiday falls on a Friday, or we have another event planned, the park day will then be on Thursday.)

Business Meeting - Once a month we all meet to go over club business, vote on important issues and any other topics our members are interested in. We encourage all members to attend so that we can make the club what you want it to be! Business meetings fall on the third Thursday/Friday park day of every month. 

Field Trips - Fun field trips are scheduled every month.  Here are a few of the places we've gone to: Fire Station tour, Police Station tour, Chino Youth Museum, the zoo, pumpkin patch, strawberry patch, movie theater, grocery store tour, pizza making tour, Sawdust Factory, Baby Beach and many more.  We try to keep travel to an hour or less so the little ones don't get too tuckered out.

MOMS Night Out - MOMS Night Out is for the mommies only and is held once a month.  It's a great opportunity to get to know other moms and enjoy uninterrupted adult conversation. We also refer to these as mini "therapy sessions." Some of our past MOMS Night Out's include dinner at local restaurants, movies, Bunco, bowling, manicure and pedicures, potlucks and much more.

Parties - We also celebrate seasonal holidays that include Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter.

Cooking Club – Once a month we get together for a potluck or a cooking demonstration in which each attendee contributes part of the meal and we all get to enjoy some conversation and good food!

Hospitality - What really sets us apart is our hospitality towards other members in our chapter. When a member has a baby or is in need of help, due to illness or death, our Hospitality Coordinator sends out a request for volunteers.  Meals for the family are either prepared or purchased and delivered.  This is our way of showing support for our friends in the club, and it is always well received.

Playgroups - We offer age-specific playgroups that generally meet at a member's home, at a park or kid friendly restaurant.  Siblings are always welcome. We strongly encourage our members to attend the playgroups. Although the purpose of a play date is to get the kids together, most moms will tell you that playgroups are as much for them.

Members are encouraged to try out the activities that interest them.  Children are welcome at all activities with the exception of Mom's Night Out and Mom's Morning Out. 

*** Out of courtesy, we ask all members not to attend any activities or meetings if a child has a fever, cold or runny nose (unless due to allergies or teething) within the 24 hours before the scheduled event.***

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